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Cocktail and
evening dresses

For your own unforgettable appearance: this is what we have been working on since 1977, creating dresses –evening, cocktail and classic dresses- that will show your true charm and elegance. With clear influences from modern trends but also commitment to the real, timeless style, we design our collections inspired by the curves of the female body.

Lavish textiles, handmade embroideries and gemstones are combined in an impressive but affordable whole. Your age, body type and personal style will all find their mode of expression through our collections and creations, because we design with you as a starting point. This commitment to femininity is what has established us in fashion cycles, both in relation to our own store, as well as the rest of the network of 400 shopping points in Greece and Europe. This systematic dedication that you show allows us to expand our team, already reaching 100 persons working with us.

"A dress to remember". An unforgettable dress. This is what we can do for you.